Michiko Mata

Pool President
Michiko Mata, Pool President 2016-Present

Board President: 2016-Present

Previous Board Position: Secretary

Pool Member Since 2014


What I like most about the pool: I love the family friendly environment at Cambridge Pool. As a busy mom the kids and I enjoy coming to the pool in evenings to enjoy a little family time and dinner. Cambridge Pool also has some pretty great members!

Presidential Vision: About 2010 we were talked into resurfacing the pool with a product that was supposed to last 15 years, but is now failing. We now know the failing of this product is causing the cloudiness and forced a few pool closures last season. We are working with the vendor to hopefully temporally fix the issue so over the next 2 years we can save to have the pool resurfaced properly. This cost will be roughly $40,000, but the pool will be done correctly, and even have lane lines. Which is awesome for our swim team! As a member owned pool we are all responsible for helping maintain the integrity of the pool, and to keep it a beautiful family environment for years to come. That being said there is a possibility the board may vote to pass on a surcharge to all members the next two seasons help cover that cost. Maybe even some fundraising…ideas? Please share them with us!