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Please observe and note the following for your pool party:

*Party requests must be made at least a week in advance of the party date*

Cambridge Pool Association, Inc. offers pool parties for members during the summer months (during open hours, with no parties on Saturdays).

The cost of pool parties for members is $50.

Included in your fee is 2 hours of pool use with 2 Staff Lifeguards, 

for up to 25 guests, BBQ, along with deck chairs, tables, and a huge grassy area.



Party Terms and Conditions


I/Pool Member, fully release and agree to hold harmless Cambridge Pool, and its agents, members,

and employees from any liability whatsoever in connection with this event.

I/Pool Member will take full responsibility for my guests and ensure that the facility is left in an orderly manner.

Pool Member is responsible for properly cleaning up the facility following your party.

Failure to do so will result in a $25 minimum cleaning charge. Damages may also result in fines.


And most importantly;






Days and Times that Parties can be reserved:

Only One Party Can Be Scheduled Per Calendar Day [[ NoSaturdays - Sorry ]]

Mon-Fri 12pm-7pm; Sun 11am-7pm

How to make a reservation via request form:

1. Verify an open date from the calendar above

2. Fill out the form to the right and select a two hour block of time for your party from the available hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-7pm; Sun 11am-7pm

3. Click "Send"

4. Upon approval (within 48 hours), you will receive an email to notify you and allow you to complete your payment. Payment is only by check mailed to the Pool Treasurer. (Details on payment will be given upon a scheduled party)

5. Enjoy your party!

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