Introducing The 2019 Summer Pool Staff…

You may recognize many familiar faces returning to Cambridge Pool this summer. 4 of our staffers are adding to their time with us again this summer. Here is a touch of who they are so you can know that they are here to assist you in enjoying the pool to the best way possible!

And don’t forget to say hi and introduce yourself (again) since the seasons may have allowed us to forget each other a touch.


Member At Large (2) - Maintenance Director
Pool Manager, Swim Coach, Instructor, Lifeguard (6th Year)
Lifeguard & Lessons
Lifeguard & Swim Lessons (2nd Year)
Swim Coach
Lifeguard & Lessons

As Always…

Meet and greet our pool staff and help make them feel welcome - because they are! The pool board go to great lengths to ensure we pick up the best and most professional pool staff that we can each year. When they feel like family, they return to us year after year.

Be mindful of their direction - again, it's their job to make our pool a safe place to play and relax.

Finally, respect their decisions and judgements, they have to weigh the risks of your safety - it's why they are here!

Enjoy your summer - enjoy your staff!